Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Specs

Basic Requirements

Please include with your order: Support files, Pantone color assignment, Color printout for placement, content, color match, dimensions of your piece and any pertinent information.

The minimum resolution for photos is 150 dpi at final output size.

For a rich black, please use a CMYK mix of 26c, 16m, 16y, 100k.

Document Setup

Documents can be set up at half or quarter scale. Remember to increase your resolution accordingly.

25% Scale = 600 dpi resolution
50% Scale = 300 dpi resolution
100% Scale = 150 dpi resolution

Using Adobe Photoshop®

Please rasterize all layered files including text layers and be sure your color mode is set to CMYK. Add at least a quarter inch bleed and indicate image area with crop marks.

Using Adobe Illustrator® or Freehand®

Please outline fonts, convert colors to CMYK, add a quarter inch bleed and indicate image area with crop marks. Embed imported images or be sure to include images if they are linked.

Using Quark X-Press®

Please include all fonts and collect all support files for output. Be sure all photos used are CMYK and any Pantone usage is called out.

Image Quality

To ensure image quality, remember that high resolution does not always mean quality. You can have a low quality image that is blurry or discolored at a high resolution. If an image is at a low resolution, changing the resolution to a higher setting will not enhance the image quality. It will merely increase your file size. Have images properly scanned and converted to CMYK for best results.


Sending us Files

Sending Files via e-mail:
Files should be compressed in ZIP or Stuffit format and sent directly to production@imaginginc.com

Sending a File via ftp:
FTP uploads can be done with either dedicated ftp software or via the web. Dedicated software provides more features and is more reliable. We recommend the following applications:
Mac: Fetch 4.0 or Transmit
Windows: WSFTP

Secure ftp Access
The login page is available through the Client Access. To set up a new secure ftp account with Imaging Solutions, please contact us.

Guest ftp Access
Guest access is available 24/7/365. This is an unsecure site and guest directories are erased weekly.

Server Information
Direct Connection:
server: ftp.imaginginc.com

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