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Printing & Publishing

Digital Prepress Specs

Application Formats
Imaging Solutions currently supports both Macintosh and PC based files. Our preferred applications for production are: Quark Xpress®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Freehand® and Corel Draw®. If your application program is not listed please generate a pdf from your application or give us a call.

We require a copy of all fonts used in your documents, including both the screen and printer fonts. We suggest “outlining” fonts in applications that support this option especially when using Adobe Illustrator® and Corel Draw®.

Hard copy
Always include a black & white or color copy of print job.

Color Matching
Jobs should have all colors specified and should use CMYK or Pantone® colors. Please provide a color sample if this is not possible. Special colors are reproduced using tint values of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks only.

Document Set-up
Files should be one-up and at 100% scale. Please include a 1/8” bleed. We will set up your files for multiple imposition.

Paper Size
Our standard paper size is 12” x 18”. We stock a wide variety of paper types in-house, but we will accommodate special order paper selections depending on your schedule and order times.

Image Area
Our maximum image print area is 11.625” x 17.5”.

Spot Colors
Our digital press will convert all the spot colors in your documents to the specific CMYK values for process separation. This includes all Duotone, Tritone and Quadratone spot colors.

Data for variable data printing should be provided in Excel, or as a tab or comma delimited file. Please provide a sample output designating where you would like the variable information to appear in your document.

Proofing Process
We require clients to approve their job prior to printing. Clients are provided with a proof output on the materials to be used for the job and are finished and cut to size. Variable data jobs also show live data and placement of variables.

Sending us Files

Sending Files via e-mail:
Files should be compressed in ZIP or Stuffit format and sent directly to

Sending a File via ftp:
FTP uploads can be done with either dedicated ftp software or via the web. Dedicated software provides more features and is more reliable. We recommend the following applications:
Mac: Fetch 4.0 or Transmit
Windows: WSFTP

Secure ftp Access
The login page is available through the Client Access. To set up a new secure ftp account with Imaging Solutions, please contact us.

Guest ftp Access
Guest access is available 24/7/365. This is an unsecure site and guest directories are erased weekly.

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